Common Household Products To Avoid

Many of the products that we bring into our home were designed to complete certain tasks, such as cleaning counters or freshening the air.

One way to create these products to be both efficient and at a low cost is to make use of a range of chemicals, many of which are extremely unhealthy and potentially dangerous in the long-term.

For those that want to start living a healthier life and hope to keep dangerous chemicals away from their families, these are the common household products that should be avoided in the future.

1. Fabric Softeners

The appeal of fabric softeners is the fact that they make all of our clothing nice and silky after a wash, but the chemicals used to induce this silkiness come with a price.

Fabric softeners have been linked with the development of allergies, lung irritation, and asthma, and are definitely best avoided for anyone with pre-existing breathing problems.

2. Air Fresheners

A study from The Environmental Working Group, who reviewed over 2000 different household cleaning products, found that 53% of these products contained ingredients that were directly harmful to our lungs.

Air fresheners are perhaps among the worst of these, as they spray aerosol versions of these chemicals directly into the air that we breath, which can cause a number of problems, including severe asthma.

The danger of these products is that they work automatically throughout the day, so we inhale the chemicals while at the table having dinner or on the couch enjoying online slots Australia.

3. Antibacterial Products

We’ve been taught for decades that all germs in the household need to be eliminated to keep everything clean, but we’ve learnt in recent years that leading lives devoid of bacteria is ultimately harmful to use, especially our gut health.

While there are plenty of bad bacteria that need to be cleaned, many of these products also target the good bacteria that keep our bodies functioning properly, and can lead to more serious conditions later on in life.

4. Corrosive Cleaners

This includes drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and over cleaners. Many of these make use of acids that can cause extensive burn damage to our skin, and if accidentally ingested can lead to serious poisoning, especially in children.

5. Ammonia and Bleach

Ammonia and bleach are the heavy-duty cleaning products that we get out for particularly difficult stains, but using these two comes with a high price.

They both release acutely toxic fumes that can cause damage to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and should be avoided at all costs by people that suffer from asthma or other lung conditions. These two products, when mixed together, are almost as dangerous as inhaling chlorine gas.

6. “Suds” Products

These include any products that create suds when mixed with water, such as liquid soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and laundry detergent. The ingredients that cause the suds include diethanolamine, triethanolamine, dosium laureth sulfate, and PEG compounds.

These are all known carcinogens that re linked to toxicity within the organs. They can also cause long term and acute health issues, and can leech into the local environment.