The Healthiest Lunches For A Day Out

Sometimes when we’re planning a day out, whether it’s for a picnic or a few hours of fishing with the family, it’s easiest to just buy some takeout on the way to the venue.

Take out, for starts, is not the healthiest food around, but when broken down and compared to individual ingredients at the shops, it makes a lot more sense to instead invest a few hours into making a healthy lunch. The benefits are many, including saving money and eating healthier, but also avoiding any of the packaging that would inevitably find its way into the environment.

These are an assortment of healthy lunches that can be made at home with a few ingredients and can be packed with endless flavour.

Crackers And Toppings

Crackers combined with cheeses, olives, and other ingredients make for a great finger snack that the entire family can enjoy, and usually works out a lot cheaper than buying the equivalent amount of junk food. Crackers, while available at the shops, are extremely easy to bake at home, only requiring a handful of ingredients. Cheese is a different story, but healthy, hand-made, grass-fed cheeses don’t tend to cost much more than wholesale cheese, and not only do they tend to taste a whole lot better, but they’re much better for you and your family. Many of the other ingredients can be grown easily at home, such as basic, and while olives aren’t that commonly grown, they are common enough to find at most stores.

Baked Potatoes

Potatoes of both the sweet and normal variety are a fantastic, wholesome, filling, and healthy lunch that can be made quickly and taken just about anywhere. Both can be baked in the oven, boiled, or even thrown into the microwave for a few minutes if you need something quick, but this also represents an opportunity to play the real money games we love. Once they’re finished, they can be eaten as is with a few pinches of salt and a bit of butter, but to make them truly special, it’s recommended to top them with whichever toppings you like the best. Feta makes for a great potato topping, along with spices and other condiments. Eating a straight baked potato isn’t the only option: it’s also possible to cut it up and make a simple potato salad, but it can easily very easily be made into a spicy and delicious mashed potato dish that can be taken just about anywhere.

Filled Focaccia

A well-made focaccia is a delicious and wholesome meal that can be enjoyed by your whole family, but it’s possible to take this bread to an entirely new level with a few extra ingredients. Focaccia’s are generally quite easy to come across, as well as being fairly easy to make, but once you have one, you can cut it open and stuff it with the fillings of your choice. A good jalapeno relish, mixed with a soft cheese, like Camembert, and you’ve got a full meal that can be transported in a container with ease.