The Hottest Hair Hacks

While we all know the basics when it comes to hair care and styling, there are some awesome, simple hacks that everyone needs to know. These hacks can help you always look your best, and keep your crowning glory in tip top shape too.

T-shirt towel dry

Swap your fuzzy, scratchy towel for a T-shirt. T-shirts stop frizz and fly aways, and you can even wrap your hair up in one like a turban if that’s what you usually do with your wet hair. If you are averse to using a T-shirt, you can also use paper towels, as they have a much softer touch too.

Toothbrush tricks

A toothbrush isn’t just for teeth; it’s a secret weapon for hair too! You can use a toothbrush when dying your hair to get right to the roots, and you can also use it to tease your hair a little to give it some lift right from the scalp. You can also spritz a little hairspray on a toothbrush and use it to comb down any fly aways after blow-drying.

Hairgrip tricks

Sometimes freshly washed, blow dried hair is so shiny tat your hairgrips just slide out. If this is the case, spritz them with a bit of hair spray to make them stick.

Lighten a too dark dye job

If you’ve gone a touch too dark when dying, don’t tress. Simply mix up some baking soda with equal parts water and massage into your hair. Leave the mixture on for 15 minutes, and spend the time playing smartphone casino games or watching TV to ensure you don’t rush the process.

Opt for avocado

If fancy hair treatments are not in your budget or you prefer an au natural hair mask, then grab an avocado! Packed full of protein that your hair can easily absorb, all you need to do is mash and avo and apply it to your strands. Leave it on for as long as you desire, as there’s no chance of overdoing it then rinse your hair off well afterwards.

Reduce oil with vinegar

Vinegar is an amazing substance and its awesome as a rinse for hair that gets oily too quickly. Simply use a bit of vinegar when you rinse your hair after shampooing it, and you’ll see how much less oily you get!

Make curls last

If you want to make curls, or any style last, do not wash your hair and then style it. Hair that is slightly less clean holds its style much better than freshly washed soft hair. Of course we are not saying let your hair get dirty, but if you are planning a style, wash it the day beforehand.

Sleep on silk

Silk or sating pillowcases keep your hair from knotting and from building static, and they are also far gentler than cotton. They won’t cause split ends either and unlike cotton they don’t drain your hair of moisture while you sleep. Plus they feel extremely luxurious too, so that’s an added plus, and you won’t wake up with oodles of tangles.