Yoga vs Pilates

Many people consider Yoga and Pilates similar, if not exactly the same type of workout, so here we will discuss the difference and benefits of both these forms of exercise.

We recently discussed the benefits of a Pilates workout for your core strength, but Yoga can also serve to strengthen your core but in a more mindful meditative way. So perhaps after reviewing our guide to Yoga and Pilates you will have a better idea of which exercise is best suited for you.


With its roots in India, and its popularity worldwide, Yoga focuses on the individual consciousness and connecting to the collective universal consciousness through the physical movements in this exercise. The aim of Yoga is to improve not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually through this practice.

The stress reducing meditative aspect of Yoga is not the only benefit, as the repetitive movement increase mobility, flexibility and strength.

There are quite a number of Yoga variations that work for people’s different needs, from stress reducing to managing addictions to more physical types of Yoga to work on building strength.

Yoga involves movements preformed on a mat, using your bodyweight as a resistance tool for the exercise. This is not a strenuous exercise routine, as this would defeat the stress reducing benefits of the art of Yoga. A quicker, less sweaty way to relax is playing some quick and fun online blackjack games.


Pilates is a new “sport”, only created in 1920, and was meant for those needing physical rehabilitation. The main aim is to gain strength and flexibility, while getting to know your own abilities and body. Getting to know and understand your body is vital to becoming a healthier version of yourself.

The aim of this exercise regime is to improve posture, elongate the spine and strengthen your core stomach muscles. The six principles of Pilates are concentration, control, centering, breathing, flow and precision, and these are all applied in the full mat routine or in the Pilates machines needed to perform certain exercise. These six principles and the exercise combine to help create the better you from the core outwards, providing a toned body.

The Difference:

Yoga focuses on the relief of stress and improving the mind to improve the body, unity the mind body and spirit as one structure – a form of therapy to promote relaxation (and gain strength).

While Pilates uses your core to build your body strength and increase your awareness of your body.

Which is for you?

This we cannot say or choose for you, sign up for a class or two of both Yoga and Pilates and see which better suits your needs as an individual. Or you may find that you enjoy and gain benefits from both, so why not continue to do both!

Pilates and Yoga are both great ways to improve your core strength and become more healthy in general, so neither option would be a mistake in your journey towards a healthier you