7 Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Dinner Party

Whether you’re celebrating good news, showing off your new home, or just hoping to catch up with friends, hosting a dinner party is the perfect way in which to do so.

However, the idea of cooking for more people than you’re used to may send chills down your spine! Fortunately, with our tips you’ll be hosting a stress-free dinner party in no time.

1. Decide on the Guest List

If you’re only used to cooking for a few people at a time, we suggest hosting a dinner party for 4-6 guests at first.

A dinner party is an intimate affair, so invite people who already know each other with only 1 or 2 new faces. Remember to give the group plenty of notice so that you don’t have any last minute cancellations.

2. Strategic Menu Planning

Hosting a dinner party is the perfect way to show off your culinary skills, but we don’t suggest attempting a complicated recipe you’ve never tried before.

Make dishes you’re familiar with and be on the lookout for dishes that look fancy but are actually simple. If you’re hoping to serve a 3-course meal, keep your focus on the mains and go simple on the starter and dessert.

3. Prepare Well in Advance

There will likely be many steps in your dinner party prep and we don’t suggest tackling it all on the day of the event.

Make dishes that include elements which can be prepared the day before – which will provide you with enough time for an online bingo Australia break – and make sure you’ve got everything you need so that you don’t have to rush to the shops during the middle of your prep.

4. Provide Drinks Galore

Dinner parties are always more fun when fuelled with plenty of drinks, but it’s important to remember that not all your guests will enjoy the same beverages.

Have a good selection of wine, cider, and beer and make sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic options as well. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even whip up a welcome cocktail.

5. Create the Atmosphere

You want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home so that your guests feel instantly comfortable.

Use lamps instead of harsh overhead lights, place fresh flowers around the living spaces, burn a scented candle, and set your table with beautiful crockery and cutlery.

6. Clean As You Go

One of the most stressful elements of hosting a dinner party is the inevitable clean up once everyone has left, but it need not be this way!

While preparing the meal, be sure to clean as you go so that you don’t have to rush to clean the kitchen just before your guests arrive.

7. Remember You Aren’t a Chef

While you may have been inspired watching the latest episode of MasterChef, we don’t suggest trying anything fine dining unless you want your guests to leave hungry.

The point of a dinner party to celebrate life and food, so be sure to provide more than enough of the dishes you’re comfortable with.