Make the Most of Your Downtime

Taking time out to just relax and regroup is as important to your overall prosperity as working hard is, and knowing how to use it productively makes a huge difference.

Carve Out Family Time

Make a point of enjoying activities with your family that everyone likes, whether it’s board games, a sit-down dinner, or playing ball in the backyard.

Think about getting a routine going, with specific pastimes pencilled in on a certain day of the week or month. Having it as part of your schedule will ensure you connect with your loved ones often enough, in a meaningful way.

Surround Yourself With Supporters

Don’t waste your precious time with people who drain your energy or put you in a bad mood.

Be strict about who you interact with, since our peer group, or work colleagues, can have a huge impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Do Things That Excite you

As vital as spending time with friends and family is, you need to make sure you get a chance to check in with yourself on your own, as well. Find a hobby that stimulates you, and make sure you have the space to enjoy it.

Maybe it’s an hour set aside for reading, watching a cooking programme, or playing the online slots Canada has to offer? Whatever it is, it’s just as important as the rest of your To Do List.

Learn Something New

And make sure it’s not related to your dayjob! Maybe you enjoy taking photographs, or have always been keen to learn a second language?

There are so many resources available totally free online these days. Start exploring, and get immersed in something that interests you outside of your 9 – 5.

Delegate Non-Essential Tasks

You may take advantage of the time you spend mowing the lawn to think things over and decompress, or work your weekly schedule out while you’re folding laundry, but entrust these kinds of chores to someone else if you can.

Hire someone in if you have to, but make a point of doing nothing at all sometimes.

Set Clear Boundaries

Getting drawn in to heated discussions about subjects that irritate or upset you is very stressful, and there are some people who seem to go out of their way to press our buttons.

If you can’t avoid these people, make your feelings known when touchy subjects come up, and either leave the conversation or steer it in a less aggravating direction.

While spontaneity may be the spice of life, if you rely on it to find time to relax, chances are you’re going to come off second-best.

Put systems in place to ensure you get the breathing space you need, and you’ll get refuelled from the new activities you’re exploring, adventures you’re undertaking, and events you’re making time to attend.

Quality downtime will see you more productive at work, and you will have the energy you need to get what you need to do done.

Think of it as a way of saying that you will no longer try to function when you’re dead on your feet. Your time is valuable, and scheduling your hobbies properly will ensure you get the boost you need.