Everything You Need To Know About Dot Art

As the name suggests, dot art is art made with dots! While this method of painting is by no means new, it has really taken off in popularity in recent years. The roots of this form of painting are uncertain, with many influences from classical European painters and artists.

However, there is also a great influence from African and Australian painters. Wherever it originated, it now forms part of the modern art landscape.

Easy Introduction to Painting

One of the big draw cards for this form of art is that it is really accessible and actually quite simple for painters of any level. Using special dotting tools, or paint brushes, or even the end of a pencil, the artist creates whole artworks by making dots.

This means you don’t have to be trained in drawing forms, or in creating interesting competitions. In fact, you don’t have to be able to draw at all!


The most popular medium is acrylic paint. The brand of acrylic doesn’t matter as such, although certain brands do seem to perform better than others. Artists look for a type of acrylic that flows easily and doesn’t dry out too quickly, but at the same time it needs to hold its form.

When making a dot on a page or stone, the artist wants this dot to hold and maintain its shape. This is to ensure that dots look like dots, and not like strangely shaped dotes.

Dot art can be done on virtually any surface. Paper and canvas are popular. However, as the popularity of this form of art is on the rise, the types of items that are painted on is also vastly expanding.

Some artists like painting on stones or pebbles, others enjoying turning old pieces of furniture into works of art. Walls can be painted, ceramic bowls, and even wooden clocks.

What makes it Challenging?

If dot art is so easy, what makes the great artists stand out from amateur or mediocre painters? This question is difficult to answer, as is the case with any art forms. The best dot artists have an excellent ability for creating flow and pattern. By combining small dots and large dots in various configurations, patterns can be created that are extremely pleasing to the eye.

The other factor that has to be spoken about is the use of colour. Colour and colour combinations form an integral part of making a successful art piece. The mood of the dot art can be influenced by the colour palette, whether light bright and happy, or dark and moody. Creating artworks with complementary colours is a great way to start. Mixing blues and yellows together is always successful, as is mixing reds and purples.

However, the best artists often have an incredible ability to mix colours that are quite unexpected, just like a big win when you play online casino games. However, when these shades are placed together, and in the correct combination, incredible vibrant pieces of art are created.

Often adding just the slightest hint of white to any dot art painting can really lift the overall effect of the piece. The challenge is not overdoing this, as the risk is creating a washed out piece of art.