Make Sustainable Fashion Choices

In case you missed it, our world is going through a challenging time – although that is an understatement. Every decision we make influences the environment and our ecosystem – including our clothes.

While we may not know it, our questionable fashion choices can impact so many different aspects of our world. We all need to do our part in saving our world, and it starts with being more conscious about the goods that we buy.

Consumerism Drives Waste

Consider the fashion industry, every year more clothes are produced than what is needed – more than what could ever be worn. In addition to this, so many of us give in to impulse buys that we often never even wear.

By the time we realise that these clothes are not ever going to be worn, they often end up going to the same place as the rest of the world’s trash. Adding to this is the fact that the average person throws away approximately 32 kilograms of clothing a year. The resources used to produce clothes have been wasted, and at what cost?

The Wasteful Fashion Industry

In addition to clothes being overproduced, they often do not last as long as they should and end up being thrown away and replaced. In addition to this consumer wastage, we need to consider the resources used to produce these items in the first place. To start with, 13 million tons of waste is produced by the fashion industry each year. 95 percent of this waste can be recycled but isn’t.

The fashion industry also pollutes the environment with excessive greenhouse emissions, plastic and water released each time something is produced. Another shocking fact to illustrate this point is the fact that 20,000 litres of water are used to produce a single pair of jeans or a single t-shirt.

Research conducted by the United Nations has found that 20 percent of the world’s wastewater comes from the fashion industry, in addition to the 10 percent it contributes to global carbon emissions. You can reduce your carbon emissions in so many ways, from reducing waste to staying home and claiming Canada casino online bonuses.

How To Choose Sustainable Fashion

When it comes to saving our planet, many people choose to recycle – the same can be said for our clothes. Try to visit second-hand stores or charity shops. In that same train of thought, you can donate or recycle your old clothes instead of throwing them in the trash.

You also need to consider the fabrics used to produce the clothes that you buy. Acrylic, polyester, and nylon are made using petrochemicals which can be released into the water during the washing process. In the same breath, naturally sourced fabrics also take their toll on the environment – especially cotton, wool, and rayon. Rather look for fabrics such as alpaca, hemp, viscose, and linen.

The journey of change starts with us. It’s a simple matter of taking that first step that starts a lifelong dedication to sustainable living. The things that we do today will change the future, it’s time we all do our part.