Easy Art Ideas for Beginners

If you’ve got an artistic streak that is dying to be nurtured but don’t know where to start, we’ve got some great ideas. All you need to do is pick one of our suggestions and let those creative juices flow.

Play with watercolours

Watercolours are low commitment paints and they are cost effective too. You can find palettes that include a huge range of colours and can have as much fun as you would playing Malaysian mobile casino games painting designs, landscapes or just about anything else that takes your fancy. The best part is you can learn more about how colours blend and behave on paper without having to invest in expensive canvases.

Dab around with oils and acrylics

Oils and acrylics behave very differently to watercolours, and they are a bit more expensive. They do however lend themselves far better to creating textured paintings, and are great for anyone who wants to play around with more abstract designs. You can also layer oils and acrylics far easier than you can watercolours, and this can create depth in a painting. Plus, these paints can also be used on wood and other mediums so you can paint more than just a flat surface.

Practice with pastels

If the last time you used pastels was in grade school now is the perfect time to dust them off. Pastel is quite forgiving, and if you don’t lie what you’ve drawn, you can always draw over it, or cover it up with a shade darker. While pastels are not great for portraits unless you are highly skilled, they work very well for landscapes and anything abstract or design based.

Try new techniques

Who said painting had to be done with a brush? Sponges, string, bottle tops and bottoms and so many other objects can be used to create amazing paint effects. You can even cut designs into a potato and use this to create a symmetrical design. Let your creative juices flow and see what you can dream up using anything but a brush! Pinterest is filled with fun ideas and you’ll be amazed at what can create a visually engaging, interesting artwork.

Join an art class

If you’re looking for more than just a few ideas you can always join an art class and learn from an expert. There are plenty of adult art classes available, and you can pick the one the suits you best.

Play around with pottery

If there’s a pottery studio near you that offers classes or provides the ready made bisque for you to paint on, why not give it a try? Painting pottery is quite different and loads of fun, and it is always interesting to see how the colours change and develop after firing.

Whatever arty idea you start with, remember that art takes practice and is a skill that needs nurturing. No one is a Da Vinci or a Matisse overnight, but the journey in getting there is just as fun.