Hot Food Trends for 2020

A new year means welcoming the latest trends in, and although this usually relates to fashion and home décor, it includes food too! This doesn’t mean that you have to give up the meals and drinks you love, of course, but it does invite you to widen your taste horizons and experiment with a few unfamiliar flavours.

Cauliflower Continues It’s Reign

 Make sure you’ve got cauliflower in your fridge in 2020!

When you need a snack while enjoying online casino games in Dubai from the comfort of your couch, enjoying a bestseller on your Kindle in your favourite armchair, or are curled up in bed Netflix and chilling, this vegetable is your new best friend.

Basically, anything that uses dough can be remade with cauliflower and you can experiment with delicious treats like cheesy breadsticks, bagel rolls, cauli-fried rice, baked cauliflower tots, and even grilled cheese cauliflower crusts.

 Make the Most of Milk Alternatives

 Whatever your reason may be for turning away from cow’s milk, the good news is that the list of substitutes is getting longer every day. In addition to almond and soymilk, there’s now coconut, hemp, oat, and rice milk to sip on too.

 Mocktails Mean You Miss Nothing

 If you’re tired of waking up with a pounding hangover and only vague memories of that ex you should never have texted then why not start experimenting with mocktails?

With cute names like Citrus Fizz, Mango Mule, and Shirley Ginger along with incredible flavour combinations, your taste buds will thank you as much as your liver and head do!

Pancakes are Perfect for Any Occasion

From soufflé pancakes from Japan to cinnamon roll pancakes, this beloved breakfast food is getting a great makeover in 2020. You can definitely look forward to more inventive variations and interesting ingredients like spicy pancakes featuring molasses, mustard seeds, sriracha, and tandoori spice mix and savoury dinner pancakes with cheddar cheese, chorizo, bacon, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Pick a Plant-Based Meat

Two of the biggest fast-food franchises in the USA, Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts, have incorporated plant-based meat into their menus. It looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef, chicken, and pork, but without the health-, weight-, and conscience-related issues that animal products bring with them. These food offerings are going to be hugely popular this year and you should try them even if you’re a committed carnivore.

Super Spreads and Butters

Peanut butter’s got some counterparts these days, and you should look out for watermelon seed butter and macadamia nut butter in 2020 along with cashew nut and almond butter.

Use an Ube

Ube is a kind of bright purple yam or sweet potato that is very popular in Filipino cooking, with its distinct colour making it a visual feast as well as a culinary one. It’s particularly popular in desserts, so keep an eye out for lavender ice cream, purple doughnuts, and mauve waffles.

While ube is technically a tuber, like a potato, it has a less savoury flavour. Its taste has been described as a combination of vanilla with pistachio, gentle and not too intense.