Stepping Outside Your Foodie Comfort Zone

Food trends may dictate that unicorn milkshakes and gut-friendly bacteria are a thing, but we’ve rounded up a few other options that may be less trendy, but are just as fabulous.

Foodies rejoice, there is so much choice available, and your taste buds are going to enjoy sampling it all when you step outside your comfort zone!

Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lanka has become something of a hot and happening holiday destination, and part of this is due to it’s amazing food. While you may think Sri Lankan food is just Indian food, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Sri Lanka has its own special culinary style and you can enjoy pol sambol coconut relish, kottu roti or flour pancakes called hoppers, at home, or in a Sri Lankan restaurant.

Burmese Food

Burma has been a country of controversy and its food has not really made it into the mainstream – yet.

However, there are some amazing and easy Burmese dishes like tohu jaw, or Burmese fritters, that can be whipped up quickly and are super tasty.


An amazing source of nutrients and incredibly versatile, kefir is popping up everywhere.

From milky kefir porridge to kombucha, this grain can be used in so many different and extremely delicious ways.

Pickled Everything

We’re not talking kimchee, we are talking home-made picked onions, cucumbers, beetroots and ginger.

Pickling is incredibly easy, and you need to try this way of preserving and serving food if you want to add some zing to your usual meals, or for something to snack on when enjoying a bit of online betting in Australia.


Mini veggies sound a bit weird, but wow, can they pack a flavour punch. These veggies are harvested just after their cotyledon leaves have developed, so they are extra nutritious too.

Whether steamed lightly, added to salads or simply snacked on, you need to give microgreens a try.

Edible Flowers

Lavender, Borage blossoms, Hibiscus, pansies and Nasturtiums are all 100% edible. These pretty flowers look wonderful on salads and can even be used to decorate desserts. From making tea with Hibiscus to using Nasturtium seeds in salads to give a peppery tang, there is a lot you can do when you start incorporating other elements into your edible world!


Whether in a curry or a burger, goat when cooked correctly is delicious. It’s tender and slightly gamey and goes really well with blue cheese! Don’t be afraid to experiment with goat either, it’s a lot like beef and can be used in any ways, but it does need to be slow cooked in order to remain tender.

West African Cuisine

Dishes from West Africa are also quite easy to make, and they may just be the next big foodie trend too. Ancient grains like millet and teff are used in many of the dishes, as are superfoods like moringa that have garnered a huge following. The ingredients are basic, but the flavours are intense and with 16 different countries all bringing their own unique ideas to the table, there’s sure to be something to whet your appetite.