Your All-Round At-Home Exercise Routine

There are so many excuses to not workout regularly, but not having the time for it is not a valid one. Not having the money for a gym membership or all the fancy equipment at home are two more excuses that you can throw out the window.

There are plenty of workouts available for free online from the experts that can get you moving, and keep you fit and healthy.

Even just a few minutes of exercise every day will give you a strong, happy body. The endorphins from that exercise will also improve your mental health in no time at all. We’ve found three workouts that are short, effective and can be done in the comfort of your own home, with no equipment necessary.

A Quick Ten-Minute Option For Those With Limited Time

The adidas blog, Runtastic, has a great full-body workout that takes just ten minutes to complete. It’s the kind of workout that you can do every day when you wake up to get you going in the morning and make your day that much better. It activates all of the big muscle groups and gets your heart rate up to burn calories and boost your day.

There are five exercises, and you do each one for 50 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Then repeat the entire process to get to the full ten minutes. For beginners, you can start with 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of rest, and slowly work your way up to the 50/10 split.

Get Your Heart Rate Of The Recommended Twenty Minutes A Day

This Jess Sims workout on Self is great for those who like dynamic exercises that get the heart rate up at the same time as building muscle strength. You don’t need any equipment, or even that much space to complete it – just make sure you have enough room to lie down on the floor.

The routine is broken into four sections: warm-up, circuit, burnout ladder and cool-down. You start with a two-minute warm-up, followed by six exercises in the circuit. Those are done for 45 seconds each, with a rest of 15 seconds between each one, and then repeat the whole circuit. The burnout ladder is a fun test of your mental and physical strength before you end on your cool-down, after which you can chill and enjoy some political betting in Australia or other relaxing activities.

The Half-Hour Workout To Get The Full Burn

On the days when you have a bit more time to focus on exercise, this thirty-minute workout from Active is a great option for doing in your home. It also has three different difficulty options to cater for all fitness levels.

The workout starts with a light warm-up, followed by seven exercises to give your full body a strong challenge. You should then repeat the circuit between two and five times, depending on your level of fitness and how many you can do in the thirty-minute time limit. Each exercise in the circuit should be done for thirty seconds before moving onto the next one.