Magic Make Up Hacks

Most women – and some men – love make up, but looking photo ready and flawless takes lots of work. But it doesn’t have to.

These magical make up hacks will leave you looking awesome in half the time and with a whole lot less effort.

Turn eyeliner into gel

If you struggle to apply eyeliner or find the pencil incredibly hard, you need to turn it into a gel.

This can be done by holding the tip over a lit candle for about 15 seconds. You’ll then need to wait a few seconds to ensure it has cooled down a bit, and can apply eyeliner smoothly and easily.

Speed up glitter nail varnish removal

The trick to removing glitter nail varnish is always ensuring you have a base coat. Glitter polish comes off far more easily if its not stuck directly on to your nails, and if you don’t have a base coat, try white glue instead!

Plump your lashes like a pro

Forget about expensive plumping mascaras that make a dent in your winnings from an online casino Singapore and never seem to deliver what they promise. Instead, opt for the age-old trick of applying one coat, then dusting your eyelashes with powder and applying another. This will make your lashes instantly plumper and full-bodied.

Make your eyes appear larger

If you love the look of larger eyes then all you need to do is apply your mascara towards your nose, rather than out towards your ears. This inward swipe of the wand creates the illusion of bigger eyes.

Prolong your perfume

If you really want your perfume to linger apply it to your pulse points. Your wrists, behind your arms and even the crook of your arm and backs of your knees are all perfect points of application, and will last longer than a spritz will.

Make your eye shadow pop

If you really want your eye shadow to pop cover your eyelids in white eyeliner before application. This will make the colour stand out far more and it will also stop your eye shadow from creasing.

Create perfect cat eyes

If you want to create the perfect cat eye the trick is to use a template. You can use the edge of a piece of plastic, a spoon or even cardboard to create the perfect lift, then colour it in.

Master the smoky eye look

What if we told you that mastering the smoky eye look was as simple as drawing a hashtag? Well, it is! All you need to do is draw a slanted hashtag using a grey, brown or black eyeliner in the outer corner of each eye, and then blend it in with the rest of your eye make up.

Make lipstick last

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but one of the best too! Put on your lipstick, blot it and then apply a layer of translucent powder. The powder sets the colour and makes it last and you can always add another layer of lipstick on top for a truly luxe look.