The Best Essential Oils for Your Medicine Box

Many people think of New Age spirituality when they hear the term ‘essential oils’. However, these plant extracts have scientifically proven benefits and uses, and are generally remarkably safe for people of all ages to use. There are so many conditions that these oils can help with, from cuts and bee stings to anxiety and depression. Here are the top 10 essential oils that you should always have at home.

#1: Lavender

If you only ever buy one essential oil for your first aid kit, this is the one to get. Lavender has a myriad of medicinal and home care uses, and has been trusted by people around the world for millennia. The oil can be applied to the skin to treat acne, rashes, insect bites, minor burns, and even cuts and scrapes.

Adding a few drops to your bath or pillow can alleviate stress and anxiety, and regular use could even help to curb symptoms of depression. Lavender is highly antimicrobial, which also makes it a great addition to household cleaners, skin cleansers, deodorants and steam for inhalation. It can also keep moths and fish moths away from your linen.

#2: Tea Tree

Tea tree is another very versatile oil that has been called ‘a medicine cabinet in a bottle’ by many. It should only be used externally, but can be used to treat eczema and dermatitis, fungal infections, cold sores, acne, warts, insect bites and more. Add a few drops to your shampoo to treat dandruff, or create a disinfectant spray for your home. The oil can even be used to keep fleas away from your pets’ beds.

#3: Lemon

Lemon essential oil is a real winner. Add it to olive oil to make a fantastic furniture polish, or to dish soap or laundry soap for extra cleaning power. It can also be used as a gargle to treat bad breath, in shampoo to treat dandruff, or in a diffuser for anxiety. Remember, lemon oil can make your skin sensitive to the sun, so wait 12 hours after skin application before going out. Play some of the best online pokies Australia has to offer while you wait.

#4: Peppermint

Peppermint oil is great for relieving nausea and stomach craps when used as an abdominal rub. Drop some onto ticks on your pets to draw the insects out, and apply to the chest and throat to alleviate coughing and bronchial congestion. The tingly sensation this oil provides also makes it great to add to bath and body products in the summer.

#5: Eucalyptus

This Australian plant is great for treating chest congestion, fibromyalgia pain and shingles. It is also good for deodorising, so add it to sprays for your kitchen or bathroom to nix odours and germs.

#6: Clove

Clove oil has a unique spicy scent that has made it a favourite across many world cultures. Historically, it was used to treat dental issues and tooth pain, as well as canker sores, cold sores and gum disease. It is also great for fungal infections, cuts and wounds, heat rash, bites, stings, bruises and ear aches. It can furthermore be used to repel mosquitoes, fleas and flies. Remember to dilute this oil!

#7: Chamomile

This gentle, soothing oil can be used on people of all ages – even babies. Use it topically to treat dry skin, acne and boils, eczema, bee stings, bruises, cuts and more. Its scent can also help to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, irritability and insomnia, especially during PMS.