Top Tips For Going Zero Waste

Zero waste might seem like just another new fad, but there’s a myriad of reasons that we should all consider trying to cut down on the amount of waste that we produce. Perhaps the biggest impact it has is on the natural environment, one that is beginning to unravel as continue to put more strain on it.

There’s no denying that going zero waste can be quite difficult, especially when we live in a world that’s based around convenience and single usage. Thankfully, it’s not impossible to make the transition into a zero-waste lifestyle by taking a few steps.

Reuse Old Glass

Glass is considered the gold standard when it comes to reusing old items, as it can be cleaned indefinitely and never holds on to any residues. It’s also extremely easy to come across, as hundreds of items at most shops are sold in glass. When a jar of peanut butter comes to an end, for example, it’s a good idea to soak it in some hot, soapy water until any residues have been removed from the bottle. The same method can be used for any glass bottles. Plastic tends to be a bit different in that it tends to stain more permanently, so it can be much more difficult to clean.

Make Your Own Cleaning Items

Most of the cleaning items we buy at the store, whether they’re for our bodies or for our floors, tend to always come in plastic, and consist of a soup of unhealthy chemicals that end up making you and your family sick in the long term. This is why it makes more sense to instead research on the DIY cleaning items that can easily be made at home. Tooth powder, for example, can be made from a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon powder, clove, and sweet orange essential oils. This mixture is extremely effective at keeping teeth clean, and work just as well as the products that can be bought at the store.

Focus On Fresh Foods

Buying foods that have a long-term shelf life might seem more convenient, but these foods are almost always sold in packaging that never breaks down, and if it does, it can take thousands of years, especially if they come in petroleum-based plastics. A better idea, then, is to try and focus on fresh produce that can be sourced locally and seasonally. This will not only force you to cut down on the amount of waste that you produce, but also to start cooking healthier meals, which we should all be doing as more and more people become unhealthy, while also giving us more energy to focus on the things we love, like hiking or enjoying NRL betting right now.

Buy Second Hand

Buying new clothing with every fashion season is simply not sustainable in the long term, and there has been a shift toward buying second hand items in the last few years. It’s amazing what people tend to throw away, which often consists of perfectly good clothing or household items that can be reused for years, but at a small fraction of the original price. This can extend to other items, too, such as electronics, cars, and toys.