Old-Fashioned Crafts Making A Comeback

It seems to be true that what goes around comes around, and that trends and fashions really do go around and round on the wheel of time. We’re taking a look at three crafts or hobbies that have been popular, unpopular, outdated and now totally trendy again. It’s weird to think that something like Pinterest and other social platforms online have actually led to a rise in some old-school crafting techniques becoming popular and well-loved again. There is also a big movement towards making things with your hands and taking a step away from the digital world that can be so all-encompassing.


This was a big trend in the 1970s! You saw it everywhere, from clothing to hanging baskets for plants in the home. With a little bit of a makeover to the trend and a hankering for simpler times, macramé has come back into style. People are using it to create beautiful wall hangings and other home décor items for an overall boho feel to their space.

Macramé is actually a lot older than just 1970. It goes back as far as the Babylonian times and hasn’t really changed much since then. There are only a few knots that you need to learn, and from there you can master just about any pattern. You also don’t have to stick to just home décor in your macramé. Bags are great in this style – little handbags for partying, shopping bags for your groceries, and even carry-alls for traveling or day trips out.


The art of the hand-written note took a back seat with the rise of the personal computer, which led to social media and smartphones that we can use for everything from emailing to placing eSports bets online. However, many people felt saddened by this trend in society and have kept the candle of calligraphy burning bright. Their love and artistry have won the day and the artform has made a big comeback in popular culture.

There are numerous online courses now to help you learn the various techniques involved. Plus, you can buy some beautiful vintage sets of pen nibs or go for something modern and new. It all depends on how you want to recreate the craft.


We’ve all seen the old movies where the woman sits by the fire with her needle, thread and fabric stretched in a hoop. They would make beautiful little patterns that can be added to clothing, towels, bags, and just about anything you can think of. All you need is an embroidery hoop, some lovely thread and a sharp needle – a thimble for your thumb might also be a good idea to help out.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can also buy a kit with a pattern already on the fabric for you to copy. Cross stitch is another embroidery style that is a little easier than working onto regular fabric. This style uses little squares to create a design, so it’s less organic than classic embroidery but is a lot of fun for beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike.