Why Journaling Is So Powerful

Journaling is simply about writing down your thoughts and feelings in order to understand them more clearly. And if you are struggling  with stress, depression or – alternatively – anxiety, keeping a journal can be a great idea. It can assist you with gaining control of your emotions as well as improve your mental health.

If you already journal, frequently or irregularly, you know the benefits. You’ve experienced it. You’ll be able to acknowledge many of the points we make here and possibly find some additional reasons to carry on writing.

If you’re one of those many, many individuals who feel you “should” journal, however don’t, then read on to in order discover many of the ways journaling can be utilised in order to grow and improve your life. We hope to motivate you to give it a try — or begin again in a new way.

Journaling Is A Very Powerful Way To Meet Yourself

The act of writing down your innermost fears, your longings, your pain may be scary. However once you’ve overcome that primary hurdle to express in words the things you wouldn’t even share with your best friend. Journaling can be life changing. It has the power to unlock things that are deep inside. Your journal is the one place where you can be brutally honest. By sharing with yourself what you are too embarrassed to verbalise elsewhere, you are moving a step closer to finding your authentic self.

Journaling Reduces Your Stress And Anxiety

Journaling allows you the opportunity to work through your anxious feelings and obsessive worries before you fall into contemplation and stress. When you ask yourself how probable the worst-case situation is, you get a more realistic outlook on life.

Getting your thoughts down on paper assists you with identifying stress-inducing thoughts and beliefs that are distortions of reality. You start to notice when you’re in a bad mood or when you overgeneralise with words like “always” or “never” in order to describe your experiences.

Journaling Helps You Get A Different Perspective On Life, On Your Past & Your Emotions

It allows you to delve into the right side of the brain as well as understand things that you aren’t access through reflection and rational thought. By writing about anything you might have a sudden insight into a part of myself that you could not have reached otherwise. Journaling makes you listen to your heart, have a good understanding of your goals – whether they are personal, inter-personal or for something as enjoyable as NZ online gambling – and engage with yourself deeply.

Journaling Betters Your Communication Skills

When you express yourself on paper well, it gets far easier to get your point across in real life as well. When you journal, you learn to express yourself better and this lets you to communicate your feelings better with others. The more self-aware you turn out to be, the more you are able to make yourself understood to others. Writing ultimately leads to clear thinking – which in turn results in clear communication.

Journaling is an amazing tool for people of all ages to learn to describe their thoughts and feelings, which in turn makes it far easier to communicate with others.